Artist House Apartments

Stylish apartments in the heart of Amsterdam

'Anton Heyboer' and 'Ed van der Elsken' Apartments

On the 15th of May of 2012, the protected monument, now known as Artist House Apartments opened up its 18th century-built legacy to welcome its first guests into their newly renovated apartments. These excellently furnished units are located in the heart of Amsterdam’s old city centre.  The apartments have a fridge, coffee maker, water heater, utensils and cutlery. There is no cooking facility available but enough to make your own breakfast. Each unit has there own toilet and bathroom.

Free Additional features

Feel free to avail of and indulge in our free unlimited internet, wifi, and cable tv services which we have provided for your entertainment, comfort, and convenience during your stay with us.
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the units.

History of Artist House

Each apartment is named after a famous Dutch artist who actually lived in the house between 1956 and 1970. Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990) was a consummate photographer, artist, filmmaker and world traveler, known for capturing the unique lives of eccentric and “down-and-out” types that embody the soul of the big city. Many of his works are displayed in Amsterdam around the same area as Artist House. Anton Heyboer (1924-2005) was an eccentric printmaker and painter known for having led a life of debauchery then later ‘settling down’ with his four brides. He also claimed to be ‘the Robin Hood of art’. His emotionally charged works portray philosophical themes of ‘being’, ‘conscience’, ‘suffering’, and other constructs of the human experience.